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The DSP module allows you to read the excellent incremental sensors manufactured by HEIDENHAIN directly from Windows Hyperteminal or any software or CLP with standard serial RS232C or USB input.

Easy to read, the data is presented in the universal ASCII text format, allowing it to be read directly by Excel macros, Word, CEP softwares like Applied or Procella, Visual Basic application, etc.

Manufactured in anodized aluminum case with great cooling capacity, it allows its operation in temperatures above 40 º C, being ideal for measuring systems or control machines installed in production lines.

It has simple menus that allow setting the quadrature, signal period in microns and transfer speed, maintaining these settings even after switching off the module.

It has 03 commands and 04 indications that allow direct control of the automation of devices, replacing the PLC in small measurement systems.

The unit connects to the computer via a single RS232C port.

Can be used for a wide range of applications, from simple manual gauging to fully automatic measurement and inspection systems.

Dedicated for interface:

Incremental length gauge.

Incremental linear encoders.

Sealed linear encoders.

Exposed linear encoders.

Measuring and inspection equipment.

Manual machine tools.

Measuring machines.

Compatible with sensors:

MT 1271
MT 2571
MT 1287
MT 2587
MT 1281
MT 2581
ST 1278
ST 3078
ST 1288
ST 3088
ST 1277
ST 1287
ST 3077
ST 3087

Electronic Interface for Incremental Length Gauge – DSP

Interface box to connect incremental sensors to the embedded, industrial or commercial PCs, that process the data.

Systems are shop floor proof and can be composed as needed to manage sensor and digital Input/Output signals.

Resolution 0.00001 mm (0.01 µm)

Special prices for outside Brazil.

min. order 1 piece US$ 300.00

Ask price for larger qty.

*** Holidays period 12/16/2016 to 01/10/2017





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